FAQ’s about beauty salon testing

Can my business afford this service?

Your business cannot afford to not use this service! You invest time and money in marketing your business to attract new clients and you only have one chance to impress. Mystery shopping will give you a detailed report on how clients view the services you are offering. The cost of losing clientele more than justifies the investment in this service.

How often should I employ a Hidden Beauty Mystery Shopper?

You may require a one-off visit from our ‘Undercover Agents‘ or you may wish to employ our services on a regular basis. We recommend quarterly visits and visits can be tailored to your needs to improve your business.

Will my staff know that a Mystery Shopper has visited them?

On the day of the visit our ‘Undercover Agent’ will behave as a ‘real’ client and the therapists involved with the Agent will have no indication that they are being ‘Mystery Shopped’. This method gives a true indication of their performance and enables you to tailor your training needs as required.

How do I book a visit?

Just call us on 01829 730 662, email mysteryshopping@hiddenbeautyUK.com, or fill in the booking form.

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