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Our mystery shoppers reveal what really makes a great client experience in the beauty industry

28th May 2019, by

relaxing spa experience as observed by mystery shopping service in beauty industry

Did you know that Hidden Beauty UK provide mystery shoppers for Professional Beauty, National Hairdressers Federation and IIAA and we help businesses all over the UK to grow?

We are so honoured to work alongside businesses throughout the UK helping to ensure growth in areas such as client retention rates, increasing profits margins, inspiring the team to up-sell treatments and provide exceptional homecare recommendations.

So what really creates an exceptional client experience in the beauty industry?

There is no simple answer to this all-important question. Our reports show that the best treatments and experiences come from an individual approach. If you ask the person sat next to you now “what makes a great treatment?” their response is likely to be completely different to yours. What makes a great treatment for you?

Consultation is vital

I know this sounds basic but our reports show the best experiences started with a personal consultation. Not lengthy or even thorough but personal. This should be the tool used to ensure this client comes back, purchases homecare to ensure their concerns are improved and the treatment meets their needs and wants to make them feel valued. How do we do that? We Listen!


Clients need to feel that the time they have booked and paid for is being dedicated to them. If they have booked a 55-minute treatment or a 90-minute treatment that time should be spent with them. Too often we hear that clients are left for lengthy periods of time to get changed, or left with a face mask on. One recent report showed beautifully how the time booked was dedicated to the client “I had booked a Dermalogica facial and was not disappointed. The consultation was brief but well-executed as I had previously completed the consultation form saving time in the treatment room. The therapist sat down with me and read through my card asking some key questions regarding my concerns. She took time to listen to my needs and then explained how the treatment would help me. She was professional but personable empathising with my concerns making me feel completely comfortable. If we can just spend a few minutes really listening to and learning about our client it elevates the whole experience”

Little things mean a lot

You will have heard the saying little things mean a lot? Well, it’s true and never more than in our industry. It’s been proven that clients experiencing a warm drink after their treatment scored their treatment higher than if the had just been offered a cold drink. One visit to Nirvana Spa saw our shopper experience exactly this. “After my treatment, I was taken to the relaxation area and recommended a tea that would not only benefit the treatment I had received but also the concerns I had discussed with the therapist. The tea smelt and tasted delicious and did make me feel refreshed. A great personal touch and a great way to end my experience. When our experts are carrying out awards visits for Professional Beauty quite often it’s the little details that demonstrate to the judges an elevated experience where a business has gone above and beyond the competition.


Mystery Shopping is delivered with your team in mind. Information gained from reports can build staff appraisals to empower and inspire your team. A report can show areas of excellence and help to set goals for areas of improvement. It’s not enough to treat our clients as individuals. Our team is vital to our success so why not take time to ensure they feel confident, happy and passionate within their roles. Do they need training to help improve confidence and empower them to provide a better service? Are they confident in recommending homecare? If not, why not? All this information is vital and turns a great team to an exceptional team in a short space of time.

Invest in your team

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of our mystery shoppers and clients. It’s our satisfied clients who make our job worthwhile working with others to build incredible services in an industry that we are so passionate about.

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