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Can I use mystery shopping to assess training?

16th May 2019, by

Spa service evaluated by beauty industry mystery shopper

Did you know that Hidden Beauty Mystery shoppers are used to assess training outcomes in salons, spas and department store environments?

On-going training is essential in a successful business. Things change! There are new techniques, new pieces of equipment and new products coming onto the market in an ever-increasing number. But how well is your hard-earned money that you have invested in staff training paying off? Is the investment actually transferring into a better experience for your clients?

Hidden Beauty UK are experts in mystery shopping to test staff training effectiveness.

Try not to think of it as ‘testing’ rather ‘sampling’ how effective the training has been. Our customers find that the mystery shopping experience is a positive one that can help their team and health, beauty, hair, aesthetics or spa business grow.

One of our happy customers said, “I wish we had invested in a few mystery shops much earlier. We spend a lot of money on staff training and it was good to see that some areas had been really effective and others needed ‘tweaking’ to give us a better return on our investment. The report was so helpful”.

Expertly trained to know what ‘good looks like’

We employ expert mystery shoppers assignments where training efficacy needs to be assessed. This is because they can benchmark against industry standards. They are also briefed and trained by us so that they can tell what ‘good looks like’ in a salon, spa, hairdressing salon, training establishment or department store.

So many mystery shoppers do have the right experience to compare your services against the correct standard. What looks ‘good' to one person may look ‘amazing’ or ‘poor’ to another. Getting the right mystery shopper is important for your business to obtain the right feedback.

In-depth mystery shopping reports

In fact, we ask our mystery shoppers to quantify what they mean by ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or ‘poor’. Subjectivity is not something that our customers pay for so our expert mystery shoppers can explain why something was ‘good’, why something was ‘excellent’ or why something was ‘poor’. This type of constructive feedback enables you to improve and grow.

What we look for when mystery shopping for training effectiveness

We look for knowledge and understanding from the course they have attended and how that converts into a great treatment or experience for the client or customer. A great experience will foster customer confidence and loyalty.  Our mystery shopper services assess if new knowledge is being applied - and whether it is increasing retail skills to generate revenue for the business.

What is the point of undergoing training if it not going to improve your business?

Our Nationwide Team of Expert Mystery Shoppers

Our Team are based all over the UK and Ireland and we always need more experts so if you would describe your self as an industry expert who would like to be a mystery shopper please get in touch by email at mysteryshopping@hiddenbeautyuk.com or by telephone 07976 279667.

We are expanding our nationwide team of industry experts and there is no fee to be on our list.  We will call you with briefing and training when an assignment comes available in your area.

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