It’s the first of April and what are your goals for this month?

Did you know that goals keep your business focused in the right direction?

Goals tell you and your employees where you want to go and how you are going to get there. They may range from increasing profits and improving client or customer retention to improvements in maintaining or improving customer service.

Do you want to succeed in your goals?

If you want to succeed with your goals you need to take control of direction, or lack of direction will take control of you! And along your journey you will need to set a series of benchmarks to assess how well you are doing in achieving your goals. Having well-defined steps along your success path will help you and your team to have a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Keep it SMART

When you are setting goals always use SMART criteria. Much has been written about SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely), so we won’t explore them here, but just to say, ensure that you put them down in writing and communicate them well to your team. The physical act of writing them down will make them more tangible and finding an effective means of communicating these goals to your team will ensure that you are all working towards a common objective.

How can mystery shopping help you with your goals?

How can mystery shopping help you with your goals? Our mystery shoppers can help you to assess how well your goal setting is delivering an improved customer experience to your clients.

No matter what your end goal is mystery shopping can help you along the way. If goal is to improve profits then our shoppers can assess if the experience would entice them to spend more money in your business by booking more treatments or purchasing more products. If it’s to improve client retention then would the visit encourage them to return for more visits to your spa or beauty counter? If it is to provide good customer service levels would the experience you provide ‘wow’ them enough to recommend your business to a friend?

Mystery shopping for beauty counters

Here is an excerpt from a recent customer service mystery shop following customer service and retail training. The business goal was to improve the number of product purchases per visit and mystery shopping helped to confirm that this was being achieved.

The original visit had been underwhelming for our shopper, little advice had been given and only one product purchase had been likely following her experience. After training she reported.. “the standard of customer care was much improved from my last visit. I was offered to take a seat and XXXXX checked that I was comfortable. The training had clearly been implemented as this time my skin was fully assessed and I was tempted to purchase three rather than one product for my skin care routine at home”.

Effective goals for the beauty industry

Remember that goal setting is an ongoing activity and are not just a means to an end. Goals need to be revisited from time to time and include a degree of flexibility to keep them relevant and effective in your ever-changing market place.

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