Beauty Counter findings revealed….

Our mystery shoppers reveal their top tips to increase sales and customer retention at beauty counters.

Top Tip Number 1 – A warm welcome

Too many times a busy counter ensures potential customers are overlooked. Sometimes eye contact and a smile go a long way. If you are with a customer a quick smile and a “I will be with you in a minute” can be enough to keep your next customer satisfied.

Allow the customer to browse. Let the client know you are available. We often find shoppers are pounced on the minute they approach the counter and feel pressured.

‘As I approached the counter I could clearly see the brand ambassador as the uniform and name badge were clear and professional. The member of staff smiled as I reached the counter and made great eye contact asking “if I needed any help to let her know.” I felt no pressure and was able to browse at my leisure.’

Top Tip Number 2 – Customer Service

Really listening to the customer can ensure that all important sale.

Take a look at these 2 clips from 2 reports for the same high end skin care brand.

Visit A ‘The lady behind the counter was busy with paperwork as I arrived but told me she would just be a second. Once seated she colour tested the foundation and asked what skincare I was using as she could see areas of dryness. I felt a little embarrassed as their were other people standing at the counter waiting. I explained that I would like to test the foundation for a while as my skin is extremely sensitive. I felt a little awkward as she told me that this product was hypo allergenic so I shouldn’t have a problem. I said that I would rather wait and see. I would not visit this counter again as I felt pressured and uncomfortable. I felt I was being sold to and that products were pushed at me. Not enough focus was placed upon my initial interest of a foundation.’

Visit B ‘Megan was so friendly and made me feel instantly at ease. I was questioned about my lifestyle and skin care needs. Megan advised products that fitted perfectly into my busy schedule and also recommended a gift box which supplied travel sizes as I spend a lot of time travelling through airports with only carry on luggage. Megan was knowledgeable and really listened to my needs. Upselling was evident and performed well to ensure my needs as a customer were met. Selling techniques were non pressured and executed perfectly advising the customer not selling to the customer.’

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