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Top 5 things our mystery shoppers notice about websites

6th September 2018, by

Whether it’s a mystery shopper or one of our industry experts planning for an Award visit, they always start with the business website at the beginning of every mystery shopping assignment. This is probably the same as any member of the public would do.

So, what does your website say about your Spa? Beauty salon? Or Hairdressing salon?

Here are their top 5 things they love about the websites for the businesses they have visited.
  1. Sites that have plenty of pictures.

Plenty of professional photos of your business really helps to whet the appetite of your customer. Quite often stock photos are opted for, but none of these come close to photographs of your own facilities, treatments, products etc. One of our visitors commented, “The Spa is magnificent and needs to be shown as such to the consumer prior to booking”.  
  1. Websites which give a true representation of the business.

How many times have we arrived at a spa or salon and wondered if we are in the right place as the real life experience is nothing like that portrayed on the website? This ‘honesty’ with your potential client includes consistent branding and letting them know what your brand is all about. “Strong emphasis on organic products and vegan treatments.” was noticed by one of our visitors both on the website and in the actual spa visit.  
  1. Detailed descriptions of treatments including pricing and treatment timings.

Knowing what to expect in the treatment, how long the treatment is going to cost and how long it is going to take is helpful in managing client expectations. “I chose a mini facial as this was all the time I had. I was upgraded to a full facial but not told about this so although this was a lovely gesture this extra time impacted on my work schedule” was noted in a mystery shop from a couple of years ago.  
  1. Sites that are easy to use.

Websites that are easy to navigate earn a big bonus with our visitors. No one wants to spend hours browsing a site searching for essential information or where to download the treatment brochure. Make sure that the tabs are clear and concise for anyone visiting your site. “A simple but effective website as it was easy to navigate and to find everything I wanted before my visit” mystery shopper to a beauty salon 2017  
  1. Keep the website updated.

Ensure that all your information is current. This includes your prices, most up-to-date treatment offerings and packages, contact details etc. An interesting report that was carried out recently was from a customer service mystery shopping report to a spa visit. The shopper had decided on a seasonal package which really engaged her attention only to be found that when she came to make the booking the package had been discontinued. Keeping your website updated also keeps it fresh and inviting.

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