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Our Top 3 Discoveries in the Awards Business!

3rd August 2018, by

We reveal what our top discoveries have been whilst we have been carrying out visits in awards processes. As specialists in mystery shopping, official visiting and auditing for beauty, spa and hair industries, over the years we have come across quite a few interesting points which we would like to share with you here. There are too many to mention in one blog, but I have listed a few of the most common ‘discoveries’ that our beauty industry professionals have come across during our time ‘in the field’.

1.Big is not always better

We often come across small businesses being put off entering Awards because they feel their business is not big enough. Nothing could be further from the truth in the Awards process as small is often beautiful in so many ways. Don’t be put off entering for an award if you are a small business but highlight your strengths. For example, if your premises are small focus instead on other unique selling points such as your customer care. If your team is small concentrate on the quality of the treatments they offer rather than the quantity of treatments your business can provide.

2. A water feature does not always make a spa!

Look carefully at your facilities and treatment offering to ascertain if you are a spa or if you are in fact a beauty salon with water. Several times we have visited businesses who are clearly in the wrong category purely from the business owner or manager not fully understanding what a spa actually is. You will stand a much better chance of winning the Award if you are in the right category. If the criteria is at all unclear always ask the Award organisers for clarification to make sure you are in the correct section to stand the best chance of winning.

3.A postcode doesn’t always take us to the right place

On several occasions, we have found that a postcode takes our Official Visitors to the vicinity of the business but not right to its door. This is especially true for some of the larger businesses such as spas that are set within a larger estate. We have often found ourselves having ‘reached our destination’ on satnav only to find that instead of facing a spa we are looking at a field. If your spa postcode needs a little explanation to help your clients find it then always put this on your website and booking confirmation.   Do you need to organise a mystery shop for a beauty industry award? Let us know at mysteryshopping@hiddenbeautyuk.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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