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Music and Mystery Shoppers in the Beauty Industry

2nd July 2018, by

A very interesting area in the reports that we receive back from the mystery shoppers is the effect that music has on their experience. 

Music has a big impact on happiness. It has been said that music has a core function in our brains, with the ‘feel-good’ neurochemical dopamine being realeased when we listen to music.

When we have a party at home we wouldn’t dream of playing the radio for our guests just because we like it, as we want to create the right ‘party’ ambience. So always choose the right music to create the right ambience for your clients in your business to enhance their experience.

From our research we have put together our top 4 ‘do’s and don’ts’ tick list for music:

  • Is the music appropriate for the type of treatment you are offering? The funky-techno music that is playing in the latest nail bar in the centre of town may not suit the relaxing nail bar environment that you have created within your salon or spa. And the relaxing music you are playing in your spa treatment rooms may not be suitable for creating the right environment in your your relaxing nail bar or reception area. Keep the music appropriate to support the treatments.
  • Does your music fit with your brand? Just as you would consider colours and font type for your brand, also consider music. Are you upmarket and sophisticated? Are you young and trendy? Are you relaxing and holistic? Match your music to your brand. Take the time to find the right music for your business.
  • Is it system you are using technologically robust? By this we mean, is the music system you are using dependable? I think the following excerpts from some of our report forms says it all “the treatment was excellent, but when my Therapist had to leave me to sort out the glitch with the music system it destroyed all the relaxation that she had achieved”. “I really liked the fact that I was given music to choose from through a set of head phones, however when I tried to select a channel the only one that would play without interference was the first one! This didn’t give me the best confidence in the spa” Test out your music equipment regularly.
  • Is the music universally likeable? Music is a little like wall-covering, use it to create a professional ambience. Don’t try and get too clever with it; keep it neutral. We would always recommend the ‘magnolia of music’ in a business environment. There are some genres of music that could be described ‘too distinctive’ and can detract from the treatment rather than supporting it. Just because you and your staff like it, there is no guarantee that your clientele will too!

So give your music some thought and don’t forget that unless you are playing royalty-free music you will need to a music license in a business environment.

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