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Our Top Tips on Awards Event Etiquette

6th June 2018, by

With over eight years of Beauty Awards visits under our belts, we have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of Awards events and what to do at those red carpet events!

  1. Be on your best behaviour 

It’s amazing to win a beauty award and, of course everyone representing your business at the awards event is going to be excited. Brief your team before the event - whilst it’s great to be happy and joyous don’t let that that excitement over run into screaming like a banshee when your name is called out or into raucous, drunken behaviour at the after-party. Whilst the judging process is over, you never know who will be watching! Make sure your team are a credit to you both in and out of your salon or spa

2. Be a good loser

Remember that not everyone can win. Don’t let disappointment turn into bitter negativity. The competitions are always very close with often only a mark or two between the finalists. Even to be short-listed is a massive achievement in itself, so take a sense of gratitude that you made it to the finals! If you don’t win, put a plan of action into place to give you an even better chance of winning the next year.

3. Enjoy the event

If you win or if you don’t win, don’t let the success of the event only hinge upon winning a beauty award. The events are always well-organised, prestigious and desirable. So enjoy the food, ambience and entertainment. You have worked hard to get here so take pleasure in the opportunity to relax, network with other professionals and create an enjoyable team-building environment.

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