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A Royal Wedding? Our 3 top tips for appropriate salon conversation

22nd May 2018, by

This weekend saw the wedding of Megan Merkel and Prince Harry; there was a lot of excitement and anticipation culminating in the spectacular event at Windsor Castle.

I am sure many people including Therapists and Hairdressers up and down the country will have been interested in the event, but are all of your clients interested? Do your clients really want to talk about the royal wedding as much as your staff do?

Finding conversation topics that build a rapport with a client can be challenging and something like an interest in a public or royal wedding can, on the face of it, seem the ideal topic.

However, our mystery shoppers occasionally report that topics which fascinate the member of staff carrying out their service does not always hold the same fascination for them.

Here is an excerpt from one of our shoppers:

“…although I showed very little interest in the soap opera mentioned, she did persist on talking about it as it obviously interested her”

And another:

“….I really liked the fact that the conversation was pleasant, polite and focused on my concerns…”

Our 3 top tips for appropriate beauty salon conversation:

  1. Keep topics of conversation mainly focused on the client and his/her needs
  2. Avoid subjects which can lead to a difference of opinion
  3. Be sensitive to the body language of the client during conversation topics

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