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How can mystery shopping drive more customers to my business?

11th April 2018, by

At Hidden Beauty UK we have a variety of different types of mystery shoppers, some of them are our Expert Mystery Shoppers. These are our industry-based specialists who have a great amount of expert knowledge in the spa, beauty and related industries. These are always in great demand with the ever-growing need for businesses to keep ahead of their game as competition increases.

We also have a large database of Customer Service Mystery Shoppers. These are Shoppers who are vetted and trained by us to understand what it takes to create a great customer experience within the businesses they are visiting. They are people who are used to experiencing excellent service in their usual salon of choice and are often very local to the business they are ‘Shopping’.

On a number of occasions our Customer Service Mystery Shoppers have witnessed such a good experience at the salon they have been sent to ‘shop’ that they have returned again and again as regular customers. Here are some of the comments from report forms:

“I was extremely impressed with the standard of service I encountered at XXXXX salon. From the in-depth consultation to the excellent coffee during my colour service. I will definitely return”

“My Therapist Jemma offered superb aftercare advice which I have never had before. I will be back!”

“The spa was so clean that I will be making this my spa of choice in the future”

It is not unusual in the mystery shopping business for Shoppers to take a liking to the business they have visited and want to return. There was a case where churches in Telford and Oswestry were mystery shopped. The churches scored so highly by the Christian Research Association that they said, "Most of our mystery worshippers were genuinely surprised by the warmth of their experience in church and some were even keen to go back for more.”

It is important to think outside of the box and to welcome your mystery shopping service as a gateway to potential new business as well as a tool to understanding your business better.

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