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3 Top Tips for Awards Entry

28th January 2016, by

Hidden Beauty UK are well practiced in advising businesses on how to prepare for Awards entry. We have supplied mystery shoppers for BABTAC Awards, Scratch Awards and have supplied Official Expert Visitors for Professional Beauty Awards for the past five years. Our top tips below will set you on the path to standing the best chance of getting selected based on our experience and judgment.
  1. Do you remember at school when your teacher told you to, “read the exam question carefully before answering”? Well the same holds true for Awards entries. READ THE ENTRY CRITERIA CAREFULLY, then read it again.  You would be surprised about how many people are unsuccessful with awards entries just because they have not fully read or understood the requirements and conditions. You need to assess whether or not you can comply with the criteria required. If you have key pieces of information missing in your entry then your chances of being short-listed will be greatly reduced.
  2. Are you a small salon, large salon, day spa, residential spa?  Carefully look at the class classifications and ensure that you SELECT THE CORRECT ENTRY CATEGORY.  This is key to increasing your chances of being short listed. You may regard your business as a ‘Day Spa’ but if the Day Spa category requires you to have a thermal suite with more than two heat treatments and cold experience, you are unlikely to be short listed if you have a swimming pool and a relaxation room, but no thermal experience. So remember, it’s not what you call your business that counts, it’s what the Awards organisers require that is important.
  3. Entering Awards takes time and money even though there is usually no entry fee to enter awards. So ensure that you HAVE ADEQUATE RESOURCES to stand the best chance of being selected. It will take time to collate all the information required by the organisers and then placed into a logical and legible format to stand the best chance of making a good impression and being short-listed. Time is money and either you as a business owner will need to make the time or you will have to pay the time of another professional to do it for you.
Good luck with your Awards entry or contact us for our Awards entry service.

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