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Remember… Remember…

4th September 2013, by

A good mystery shopper needs to have, amongst other things, an excellent memory. As report forms cannot be seen by the business that you are shopping in you cannot refer to them once you are on a ‘shop’. Remembering the points on the form which will need to be completed need to be remembered and remembering what you heard or saw will be essential to complete the form. We have tried to make the report form flow in a logical sequence which will map your mystery shopping ‘journey’, as random, illogical series of events are harder to remember. However at times it will be necessary to remember ‘one-off’or ‘abstract’ names, number or events so we have put together our top tips for memory:
  1. Converting what you need to remember into a related image helps your brain remember it. For example if you needed to comment on your locker at the spa C12 you could imagine a cake with twelve candles on it. When you come to recall the information later you will draw up the information faster.
  2. You will often have to remember names – name of the receptionist who greeted you, name of your therapist, name of the person who assisted you on check out etc. To get your memory working get multiple senses involved . For example if someone is called carol and has blond hair you could visualise a blond wig with carol singers coming out of it. The sillier the better!
  3. Memory testing helps to improve your memory. Place 10 random items on a tray cover it with a cloth and leave it for a few hours. Then write down the items you put on the tray, remove the cloth and score your sheet.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Never mystery shop when you are tired as you will miss the detail that will be needed to complete your report form.
  5. Write down details as quickly as you can. The quicker you complete the report form , the fresher your memories will be!

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